Red Red Wine!

red wine on carpet

How To Remove Red Wine Stains

OK so maybe you’ve had a bit of a party UB40 was playing on the stereo
and then oh no. Someone spills red wine on your lovely cream carpets
you may be wondering what can I do to get rid of the stain well don’t panic
help is here.

Get to the stain straight away

Don’t wait around get to the stain straight away get a clean preferably white cloth
and blot the stain. trying to get as much of the wine out of the carpet as possible
if you have to use a couple of cloths use them. Because you don’t want to be
rubbing the stain into the carpet you need to be lifting the stain out of the carpet
onto the clean cloth.

Dilute the stain

Now that you’ve blotted up as much of the stain as possible you need to dilute the stain
using plain water and then repeat the first process and blot again.
try not to over wet the carpet and repeat the process until the stain has gone or until
you feel no more of the stain will come out of the carpet.

Call in a professional carpet cleaning company

On the off chance that you have a some sodium mets in the cupboard at home
I will include this tip.
if you have you should hopefully be able to get rid of the stain straight away.
So now that you have got your sodium mets out of the cupboard. You will need
a clean spray bottle, a pair of rubber gloves and a kettle. First boil the kettle
and add two tea spoons of sodium mets to a mixing jug (don’t forget to put your gloves on)
then add some boiling water to the jug and give it a good stir and pour into the spray bottle.
All you have to do now is spray the boiling sodium mets mix to the red wine stain and it will
literally vanish before your eyes just like it was a magic trick.
If you don’t have a some sodium mets in your home call in a professional carpet cleaning company
such as ourselves and we will get rid of the stain for you.

we also do commercial carpet cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning.

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