Emergency carpet stain removal Kit for your Home!

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Emergency carpet stain removal Kit for your Home!

As we all know from time to time accidents can happen.

whether its the kids, the pets or even ourselves we all
know no matter how careful we all are sometimes accidents
just happen dont panic. Most of the time it can be resolved
without the need of a professional carpet cleaner.

we recommend you have the following in your home
should accidents happen

  • Clean white absorbant towel.
  • Dry cleaning solution – surgical spirits. (which can be puchased at most chemists)
  • washing powder solution – one teaspoon of washing powder to each 300ml of warm water.
  • washing powder + white vinegar mixed solution – just add one teaspoon of white vinegar to the washing poweder solution.
  • ammonia soultion – one teaspoon of household ammonia solution to one cup of warm water. Which can be found at most hardware stores and some supermarket stores.

Please read our next blog post to find out which stains to use your emergency kit on.


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