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Carpet Cleaning in Telford

Searching all around the Wrekin for the right carpet cleaning company? Have the kids or pets ruined your lovely carpets?

Give SuperCleanCarpets carpet cleaning in Telford a call today. For a free no obligation quote over the phone. All we need to know is if the carpet fibre is man made or natural, the sizes of the rooms and what sort of condition your carpets are in all so we can give you an accurate quote. Were also here to help advise you on stain and odour removal and on the different systems we use for carpet cleaning in Telford. Our carpet cleaning systems have had great success at removing stains and odours such as ink, paint, oil, urine, vomit, tea, coffee and even curry. Whatever the stain or odour just give us a call you wont be disappointed.

Upholstery Cleaning in Telford

Embarrassed about the state of your sofas? Does your upholstery need a damn good clean?

Give SuperCleanCarpets upholstery cleaners in Telford a call today. Whether your sofa’s need a deep clean or just refreshing we have both hot water extraction and encapsulation upholstery cleaning systems to suit you and your sofas needs. Both systems can remove stains such as, oil, ink, food & drink spills and include deodorization. Leaving your Upholstery looking and feeling super clean and smelling amazing.

Rug Cleaning in Telford

Wish your rug looked like new again? Unsure if your rug can be cleaned? Give SuperCleanCarpets rug cleaners in Telford a call. We will be able to advise you on how your rug can be cleaned. And the kind of results you can expect including stain removal and odour removal.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Telford and Upholstery Cleaning

Are your company’s carpets starting to look a mess? Do you feel that your carpets might be giving the wrong impression to potential customers and clients? Give SuperCleanCarpets commercial carpet cleaners in Telford a call today. Our fast drying encapsulation commercial carpet cleaning system. Will give you carpets amazing clean results that will last because of its built in stain protector and built in odour neutralizers. Your office Carpets will be dry in under 2 hours leaving your business with zero downtime.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning in Telford.



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